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Whether you have commercial premises or a home, roof inspection and maintenance are critical processes that should be carried out occasionally. In most cases, the rule of thumb is to inspect your roof twice a year. You should have your roof inspected and maintained by experienced professionals who may discover problems to fix. At We have the expertise and technology to offer you an excellent roof inspection and maintenance service.

There are multiple reasons why you should inspect and maintain your roof. These include:

Discovery of water damage: A roofing contractor will check your roof's shingles' soundness, signs of damage, flashing conditions, and the internal roofing structure. The contractors may also examine your attic to check whether it's mold, moss, and mildew. The roofer will also investigate your ceiling for any water damage or stains.

Save money: Professional roof inspectors will check your roof's condition and make recommendations for some repairs if they discover minor damage. This helps you save money you would use to conduct a significant repair or a roof replacement.

Makes insurance claim procedure easy: Renowned roofing companies capture comprehensive inspection reports and recommendations. These reports make the process of filing claims easy and quicken approvals.

Prolongs your roof: The annual roof inspection can help in extending your top's lifespan if you can effect minor repairs on your roof, which the examination recommends. When you don't give inspection a priority, you may not discover minor damages to your roof and fix them. This means that you may soon carry out an entire roof replacement, which is costly.

Retention of curb appeal: Apart from covering your house from the top, a roof also appeals to clients and increases your home's value. Occasional inspections may help to discover any functional or aesthetic problems that your roof may have. You can then institute measures to rectify the issues, which ultimately leads to more curb appeal.

Health and safety: As a result of a leaking roof, you may discover mold, mildew and moss growths. These elements may endanger the lives of your loved ones by exposing them to respiratory diseases. Regular roof inspections of home or business premises can help you discover these leaks on time and fix them.

Why you should choose us
We have the experience and expertise in providing an objective roof inspection and maintenance service. Our roof inspection report will capture the following aspects:

  • Facts of pollutants
  • Indications of moisture infiltration
  • Condition of the drainage system
  • Evidence of roof damage

Routine inspection and maintenance may help in extending your roof's lifespan. Contact us today for a thorough roof examination service.

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